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Bridge the Distance for Ramadan : Send the Perfect Gift !

Bridge the Distance for Ramadan : Send the Perfect Gift !
May 23, 2020 Namastea
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How to bridge the distance for this Ramadan?

As the holy month of Ramadan is coming to an end, you may be thinking on how to be thankful to your loved ones. This pandemic has confined us at home, preventing us to gather and celebrate together. But Ramadan period is a reminder of patience, mercy and hopes and it has never resonated more in those recent months.

Whether you live in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia or even Kuwait, we all face the same situation: shops are closed or very drastic to go to.

As a result, you may be thinking what is the best way for you to give a small token of love to your close ones? Namastea has the perfect solution for you with its selection of delicious teas and modern accessories. Select from our range and create unique and customized gifts to send directly to the people you love.

Why gifting tea is a good idea?

Choosing tea as a gift is a meaningful gesture as tea is not just a beverage to keep you hydrated but is also loaded with amazing health benefits. Indeed, Herbal teas like Chamomile or Jasmine have amazing benefits on people’s metabolism and overall health of the body. Also, Natural flowers play as skin rejuvenating agent and green tea is a great detox and weight loss solution.

To make it special, we have developed this year different formats and sizes of gift sets. Below are some of the most popular ones.

The Namastea Gifting Selection:

Gift Collection Box: it’s an assortment of 72 tea bags of 9 varieties. It’s a perfect gift for family, friends or colleagues. The colorful design of this box makes it a very modern and elegant token with tea for every taste.

Detox Set – 3 Tea Box Assortment: This set of three boxes combines our three health blends Lime Punch, Go Green and Simple Treat to act as a perfect health routine for the body. The large amount of anti-oxydants present in those green teas will help eliminate the toxins of your body and help you lose weight. A great gift to wish good health!

Beauty Set – 3 Tea Box Assortment: This set of three boxes combines our three harmony blends Sun KissMidnight Rendez-Vous and Candy Crush and consist in a an excellent beauty solution. The ingredients present in each tea help rejuvenating the skin and fight outside factors such as pollution for example. It’s a perfect gift for our ladies!

Classic Set – 3 Tea Box Assortment: This set of three boxes combines our three classic blends Good Morning, Mister Grey and Sweet Dreams for all tea lovers. This gift selection will provide you the essentials of tea for a full day.

Love Bundle – Aromatic Candle & loose Tea 100g: This candle and tea bundle is the perfect romantic gift for your love one. It combines our aphrodisiac Midnight Rendez-Vous tea with two natural soy scented candles. This unique gift will create a cozy and romantic atmosphere and provides all the benefits of tea.

So hurry and create now your personalized gift with Namastea! Choose your products, leave a note and we will take care of the rest.

Discover HERE our full collection. We deliver across United Arab Emirates and all GCC countries.


Written by Jyoti Dasila

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