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About us



Namaste is a respectful greeting in hindu customs meaning litterally “I bow to you”.
It represents the belief that there is a Divine spark within each of us that is located in the heart chakra.

The word is also widely used in yoga practice to create a better connection within the group.

Namastea has vocation to use those principles in our daily life in providing natural teas to exert the harmonious aspirations of each of us and rediscover this hidden spark.

Because the modern world can sometimes have serious negative effects on our health (stress, pollution, fattening food, …), we need to look for healthy solutions.

With its selection of natural teas from Sri Lanka, Namastea provides you all the benefits of tea and some targeted solutions to your every-day challenges.


We are committed to use only natural products in all our tea blends.

Natural Ingredients

We assemble our teas with different ingredients to create unique  and delicious blends. All our teas and ingredients such as flowers, fruits or spices are all naturally grown and GMO free.

Natural Flavoring

The distinctive taste of our teas also comes from the natural flavors we use to create a blend. The term natural flavor or natural flavoring means the essential oil, oleoresin, essence or extractive, comes from real food ingredients. All our natural flavors comply with EU standards.




All our teas come exclusively from the island of Ceylon, today known as Sri Lanka. We are only sourcing our teas from this country as it is the only country in the world that operates with a tea auction system. This system ensures that every single batch produced is tested before being sold. For us, this is the insurance of quality and consistency.

Sri Lanka is also the only country that can produce tea all year long, without any season. This allows us to always source the freshest ingredients.


We aspire to make our activity the most sustainable possible and have already achieved few milestones.

We are proud to have fully removed plastic from all our packaging. All our teas are now packed, protected and shipped without the use of plastic. As a result, we have prevented tonnes of polypropylene plastic from entering the waste stream.

We have now also successfully achieved a 100% biodegradable packaging for our tea bags and loose tea selection.

Since we know that packaging is becoming a hot topic, we have created an easy guide for you below.


Handy Packaging Guide

Our Tea Bags

Made of paper and cotton


Our Tea Boxes

Made of paper


Our Bamboo Tins

Made of Bamboo trees



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