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Benefits of the tea for your hair!

Benefits of the tea for your hair!
October 28, 2017 Namastea

Dandruff and scalp itchiness

Tea has powerful anti-inflammatory effects, and acts by soothing the scalp and preventing its irritation and inflammation. These effects are beneficial for dandruff as the antiseptic ingredients in tea remove the dead skin cells and impurities that may block hair follicles, preventing their clogging and allowing hairs to grow again.

Oil production

Tea acts as an astringent, regulating the production of oil and preventing the accumulation of excess sebum on the scalp, while for the latter category of people, tea acts by nourishing and hydrating the hair, neutralizing dryness and preventing the formation of dandruff.


Tea is rich in polyphenols, vitamin C and E, which ensure a shiny and soft hair, and protect against the damage caused by UV radiation.

Split ends

Panthenol found in green tea is very efficient in preventing split ends, studies say. This ingredient, along with other antioxidants found in tea, help in strengthening hairs and prevent breakage. Green tea is a great source of panthenol, so if you’re struggling with split ends, this tea may help.



To take advantage of these tea benefits for hair, you can simply rinse out your hair with our Go Green and Good Morning Tea, after using regular shampoo – your hair will look shinier and softer.

If you have dark hair, you can focus on black tea  (Good Morning) for restoring its luster and natural darkness, as besides colouring the grey hairs, black tea can also bring out the natural highlights of black and dark brown hair.

Simply Healthy Tea (white tea) is rich in antioxidants that strengthen hairs, reduce falling and restore the scalp’s health. This tea protects against sun damage, restore hair’s shine and can be used as shampoo, conditioner or leave-in conditioner.


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