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Why drinking chamomile to soothe sore throats?

Why drinking chamomile to soothe sore throats?
February 14, 2021 Namastea
In Healthy Tips

Benefits of Chamomile & Honey infusion for sore throats

Winter is here and waking up with pain in  the throat is common in cold weathers. But as common as it is, it can make eating, drinking and even talking very painful. So what healthy remedies can you go for?

What are the causes of sore throat?

Viruses, bacteria, pollens and other allergen, or even medication, are the main reasons for sore throat.  Viruses that cause the common cold and flu also cause most sore throats. Less often, bacterial infections can be at the origin. Common cold, Flu (influenza), Measles, Chickenpox, Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) shows sore throat as common symptoms. In kids and old age people have more problem of sore throat as they are more prone to catch an infection.

Best Home Remedy for Sore Throat

Need not to worry if you find some itch in your throat. In many cases, you can easily soothes it with home remedies. One of the best home remedy for sore throat is Chamomile tea with Honey.

Chamomile tea with a tinge of honey does wonders for sore throat. This herbal tea is known to have anti-inflammatory properties to reduce swelling and redness. It also has antioxidant properties which are helpful for tissue repair and improve immune health. The anti-oxidant properties also repair tissues fast and gives relief to the throat. The antispasmodic action of chamomile might also reduce cough. If your sore throat is caused by a cold, chamomile may relieve some of your other cold symptoms as well. Even if you’re not up for drinking it, inhaling chamomile steam might be helpful. We suggest to have a warm cup of Namastea’s Chamomile and Honey infusion at any time of the day.

Chamomile tea is naturally soothing. It’s loaded with healing properties. As its caffeine free, it makes a perfect cup for even kids to get relief from sore throat.

To wrap things up

Sore throat can be cured easily in early stages at home. Just try to avoid cold food & drinks and try to stay in warm temperatures. Pamper yourself up with 3 cups of Namastea’s Sweet Dream- Chamomile and Honey infusion a day. This infusion is little sweet with aroma of Chamomile, which uplifts your mood as well. On top of all the healing properties, chamomile also helps relaxing your nerves, making you calm and getting a sound sleep.

So next time you feel itch in your throat, you feel cold or even if you just want to relax, just brew some Chamomile and honey infusion and treat yourself with this super amazing  cup of herbal tea. We are sure you will love it ?


Written by Jyoti Dasila

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