Gift Collection Box – Handmade

Gift Collection Box – Handmade


Selection of 9 flavors

8 x 9 = 72 tea bags

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This premium handmade wooden box contains the entire Namastea range to discover or make discover our 3 categories of teas. The box includes 8 tea bags of each flavor for a total of 72 tea bags, all 100% biodegradable.

Presented in a luxurious and colorful sleeve, this box is the perfect gift idea!

Free delivery in UAE upon purchase of 90 AED


Candy Crush: Black tea, strawberry and flowers

Go Green: Green tea mint

Good Morning: English Breakfast tea

Lime Punch: Green tea lemon

Midnight Rendez-Vous: Black tea, kiwi, strawberry and flowers

Mister Grey: Intense Earl Grey

Simple Treat: Black tea, green tea, jasmine buds

Sun Kiss: Black tea, apple pieces and flowers

Sweet Dreams: Chamomile and Honey


Storage Conditions

Dry, temperature max 28C to 32C

Brewing time

Green Tea: 2 to 3 min

Black Tea: 3 to 4 min

Infusion: 4 to 5 min


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