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The perfect gift idea for every occasion

The perfect gift idea for every occasion
December 12, 2020 Namastea
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The perfect gift idea is often a pressuring task. So how to make it right for every occasion?

The true meaning of gifts

Gifts are the language to express how much we care about someone. Finding the right gift is also a way to show how close we are to that person by knowing exactly what this person would love to receive. Some of us illustrate that special relationship by buying an expensive gift or simply by offering a present with a special meaning. This task becomes more difficult when you have to choose a gift for someone you are less intimate with, like your employees for example. It takes a lot more than just choosing a present. You have to keep many things in mind like gifting concept, company budget, employees’ age and designation, their interest etc.

During these times of pandemic, staying healthy is a wish we all share. That’s why Namastea brings you a whole range of gifting options focusing on the benefits of tea.

Why gifting tea?

As  you may know tea is the most consumed beverage in the world after water. Tea is not only a super healthy drink, but it also boosts your energy, or helps you stay calm and focused.

Black teas have higher caffeine content and are the perfect drink for the morning energy boost or for hectic working days. Some black teas like Earl Grey, even have soothing properties to fight stress and depression. That’s how tea breaks can also improve work efficiency.

Green teas have lower caffeine and higher antioxidant content, helping the metabolism, heart health and aging issues. It protects body from harmful effects of free radicals.

Herbal teas with no caffeine content are perfect for all ages. Herbal teas like chamomile improve sleep cycles and boost the immune system.

The gift for all occasions

Consumed all year long, either for self indulgence or shared between friends and family, tea fits all occasions. Namastea gift boxes include different assortments of teas, sometimes accessories, wrapped in beautiful and colorful boxes that you can customize for every season.

We also try to keep our gifting solutions as cost efficient as possible as we know how important this point is when it comes to corporate gifting. Namastea Corporate gift collection starts from 10 AED to 200 AED depending on the size, volume of tea and content.

Yet personalized…

We know how unique a gift should be and personalization is the real added value. Whether you are an individual or a corporate, we provide high level of customization in order to make your present truly special. You can engrave a personal message or simply customize your gift boxes with your own logo and design.


Gifting is not only a gesture to value people around you, but it is also a way to demonstrate how much you care about their well being. So for your next gift, don’t hesitate, choose from our Namastea gift collection! Just remember, gifting is an art that anyone can master. For a quote or enquiry, just email us at


Written by Jyoti Dasila

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