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Discover the power of flowers on your skin

Discover the power of flowers on your skin
October 20, 2020 Namastea
In Healthy Tips, Yogi Inspired

The power of flower on the skin is known from time immemorial now. Floral ingredients have been the first to be used in order to create beauty and skincare products. Cosmetic companies also selected flowers as their initial ingredients in the composition of their products. Though, they were initially using them for their fragrance properties, cosmetic groups have now discovered the incredible benefits of some flowers on the skin itself. After many years of research, they have discovered some beauty superstars.

Beauty is also shifting from a purely external application, to a more internal approach. We now know the importance of the food we eat in the aging process and skin aspect. Flowers are no exception. By including them in our tea blends, we want to target some skin benefits. So what are those flowers that make us pretty?

Roses, the absolute symbol of beauty

The ancient Greek goddess Aphrodite was often represented with roses, so no wonder why roses became symbol of both love and beauty, and are on top of the list when it comes to skincare. The most common derivative is rosewater, which has many properties such as maintaining the skin PH’s balance, closing facial pores, preventing the appearance of blackheads and rejuvenating more mature skins. Drinking tea including rose petals provide you some of those benefits, including rejuvenating you skin and make it more radiant. You can find rose petals in our two blends Candy Crush and Midnight Rendez-Vous.

Marigolds or also know as Calendula flowers

The first recorded use of Calendula was in 1552 as a supposed treatment for hiccups and various health benefits. Easy to grow, they also have a ton of benefits for the skin and are being used more and more in the composition of skincare products. They are excellent remedy for sunburn, healing blisters and dry skin. Eating the flowers themselves also offers a variety of health benefits. This is primarily because of the high flavonoid content, which promotes cell health and potentially prevents cancer. They form a perfect barrier agains outside factors such as pollution or cigarette smoke. That’s why we have incorporated Calendula flower in all our Harmony category tea. You can find Calendula flowers in our 3 following blends Sun Kiss, Candy Crush and Midnight Rendez-Vous.

Chamomile, the beautiful white flower

The soothing properties of Chamomile makes it the go to for any skin inflammation, whether it is skin redness caused by allergies or freckles caused by sunburn. It also speeds up the healing process in rashes, acne scars, wounds and abscesses. Chamomile is also an great anti-aging ingredient thanks to the levomenol it contains. It moisturizes the skin and improve its elasticity. You can use our chamomile infusion Sweet Dreams as your beauty ally, as well as your sleep regulator.

Jasmine flower, the other white beauty

Jasmine is the ultimate skin hydrator, wether as full flower or as oil extract, this flower traps moisture into the skin, preventing it from dying. Though they help dehydrated skin, they suit all skin type and can be used all year long. Jasmine oil also protect the skin from environmental stressors and pollutants. The all-time favorite jasmine tea has been used in Chinese medicine from time immemorial, and purifies skin from the inside out, by eliminating toxins. You can find Jasmine in full buds in our Simple Treat blend and as oil extract in our Midnight Rendez-Vous tea.

All those teas can of course be drunk, but you can also create amazing toners and cleansers using the brewed tea leaves. Check our blog to discover more about it!

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