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Use Jasmine Tea for Aromatherapy. We will explain you why.

Use Jasmine Tea for Aromatherapy. We will explain you why.
April 12, 2020 Namastea
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Did you know you can use jasmine tea for aromatherapy?

What is aromatherapy and where is it coming from?

Aromatherapy is a healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts and oils for health. According to many sources, aromatherapy has started from Egypt, where they used plant oils, resins and extracts for mummification process. They later incorporated these ingredients for aromatic oils, perfumes and wines.

India and China also have a long history of using plant extracts as medicines, perfumes and beverages.

What is Jasmine and what are the benefits?

Jasmine is an herb from the Oleaceae family widely cultivated for the characteristic fragrance of its flowers. Used for thousands of years in aromatherapy and herbal medicine, Jasmine has a holistic effect on the body. It was also used in tea by Chinese and Japanese people since long time for its antidepressant qualities. So let’s look into what can Jasmine do for you.

First, if you are dealing with stress, anxiety and depression, jasmine can bring you relief and calmness. Jasmine mixed with green tea and black tea also help improve your sleep. In addition, jasmine helps reducing emotional instability during PMS, giving relief to the body and helping hormonal balance.

What are the benefits of Jasmine Tea specifically?

  1. Full of antioxidants: jasmine is loaded with a compound called polyphenols. Polyphenols are antioxidants which helps to protect our body cells against the damage from free radicals.
  2. Weight loss: jasmine mixed with green tea makes a powerful compound called Catechins that has a significant effect on the body in terms of weight loss. If you mix jasmine with green and black tea, you will accelerate your metabolism and therefore help in fat burning by 10-16%.
  3. Protect your heart: As jasmine tea has high content of polyphenols, it protects your heart of diseases. Jasmine tea with green tea reduces plaque formation and lowers heart disease risk factors. If you drink 3 cups of jasmine tea with green and/or black tea, studies say that you will have a healthier heart.
  4. Stress Relief and Antidepressant: rich in caffeine and polyphenols, jasmine tea works as a natural antidepressant. Its aroma uplifts your mood and makes you feel light.
  5. Prevents Diabetes: Jasmine green tea can actually prevent diabetes if consumed regularly.
  6. Good for Skin: So here is one more good news! Jasmine tea is very good for the skin. It rejuvenates your skin and fight aging signs, if consumed daily.

So what are waiting for?! Use Jasmine to create your aromatherapy routine. To do so, discover now Simple Treat from our collection, which is loaded with real jasmine buds inside the pack.

written by Jyoti Dasila

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