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Lemon Cinnamon Detox Tea – Easy Recipe

Lemon Cinnamon Detox Tea – Easy Recipe
April 3, 2020 Namastea
In Recipes, Yogi Inspired

We wanted to share with you the recipe of a lemon cinnamon detox tea that you can be easily reproduced at home. Since we are under a serious quarantine at the moment, we need to take care of our body and health. And with a little bit more time in our hands, we have the opportunity to try new recipes at home.

The lemon cinnamon detox tea is a very known recipe with many health benefits. Lemon in general has a positive effect on the metabolism in promoting a healthy digestion and boosting the immune system. Cinnamon balances blood sugar and has intense antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The combination of both makes it a great detox drink.

The good news is that lemon and cinnamon go well with almost any type of tea. You can go for a green tea or a black tea depending on your preference. We will select Lime Punch, a green tea infused with lemon oil for today.



1 serve  |   Preparation: 5min   |


  • lemon
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • water
  • honey
  • tea

In a cup, brew a tea spoon of tea in hot water. Let it infuse for 2 to 3 minutes. Add the cinnamon stick and 2 tea spoons of lemon juice. Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes. Finally, add a tea spoon of honey and mix well. Add some lemon wheels for the look. Your tea is ready!

You can also watch our quick video on our Instagram page in clicking here.

We hope you enjoyed this quick and delicious recipe! Do not hesitate to share your comments.


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