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Christmas is all about tea! Discover how.

Christmas is all about tea! Discover how.
December 16, 2019 Namastea

What’s better than tea for Christmas and indeed Christmas season is all about tea! Wether you want to make a great gift or include it in your Christmas diner menu, tea is the perfect match for this festive moment.

A great gift option

You can never go wrong with tea! A lot of women drink tea regularly especially for its many health benefits. Most of women enjoy light brew like green teas, white teas or herbal teas. In our range for example Lime Punch and Simple Treat are the preferred ones. Some women also enjoy a real black tea for an afternoon break between friends. For those, you can select more sophisticated and tasty blends such as Candy Crush, Midnight Rendez-Vous or Sun Kiss. Maybe men may seem more reluctant to drink tea as they usually are more coffee drinkers but in most cases they simply have a misconception about tea. Our experience shows that people who are not tea drinkers tend to enjoy more the flavored tea mentioned earlier and for those who do drink tea, they keep it classic. An intense Earl Grey or an English Breakfast remain their favorite. Finally, if this is still not their cup of tea, it is always a gift they can share.

A perfect addition to your Christmas menu

Tea is also a great moment to include in your lunch or diner! For those who will travel to cold countries, it will provide a warm ending to your menu. But in general, including tea will help your guests digest better and hydrate themselves. Make a real ceremony for this moment and your guests will be pleasantly surprised. Arrange a nice set of tea cups along with a nice pot. If you have the equipment, serve your tea loose to provide an even better aroma. Maybe some will prefer to have coffee but if you explain to them what are the benefits, I am sure they will at least try.

After all tea is all about sharing great moments with friends and family. The perfect way to keep hearts warm and joyful.




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