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Is Sun Tea safe to drink?

Is Sun Tea safe to drink?
July 14, 2018 Namastea
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Sun tea is an old tradition that consist in placing tea bags or loose tea in a glass container filled with water and let it set in direct sunlight. After few hours, the tea is brewed and can be served over a cup of ice. As a result you basically obtain an ice tea.

Why sun tea is not recommended?

The reason behind the debate around sun tea is the temperature. A normal temperature for the tea to brew is between 170 and 200 degrees, whereas under the sun it can reach a maximum of 102-130 degrees. Maybe Dubai is actually the only place in the world where the water can reach the highest peak, but still it won’t be enough to purify the water or kill any of the bacteria that forms once the tea starts brewing. It basically becomes a mixture of tiny microbes. That’s why most of the tea experts and tea companies do not recommend sun tea, though no risk on health has been confirmed either.

So how can I do a sun tea without sun?

Actually there is a much better way to achieve a sun tea than letting it heat under the sun. You simply need a glass jar with a sealed lid to let the tea “bake”. You then mix the water and the tea and place it in the fridge for about eight hours. You can as well add simple syrup if you wish to sweeten the taste. If you still wish to do a sun tea with direct sunlight, we recommend to let it brew for five to six hours maximum during the hottest hours of the day.

What type of sun tea can I do?

There are many ways to do a sun tea, but during the hot period of summer we recommend for exemple a mint green tea that will help you cool off. You can use our refreshing blend Go Green for this recipe.

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