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Can Green Tea Help Digestion?

Can Green Tea Help Digestion?
May 15, 2018 Namastea

With the month of Ramadan approaching, our eating habits will be altered. So how to make sure that those changes won’t affect our body?

Though we should eat less and detoxify from heavy food, Ramadan is usually the month where we actually eat fattening food. It is important to stay moderate in our portions to avoid stuffing ourselves with caloric meals. One ritual though might be part of the solution!

Indeed, tea as always been part of the tradition of Ramadan but do you know that actually green tea can also help your digestion?

One recent animal study looked at how one of the polyphenols found in green tea, catechins, may affect obesity. In doing so, these researchers discovered that rats that consumed a diet high in tea catechins had changes in their digestion that were not found in the control group. Rats consuming tea lost weight and lost some of their stomach fat tissue. The researchers concluded that tea catechins, like those found in green tea, slow down the actions of digestive enzymes. This slowdown means that the intestines aren’t absorbing all of the calories eaten — so the body isn’t gaining weight.

During this Ramadan, don’t hesitate to sip a cup of traditional mint tea, like our blend Go Green, to help your stomach adapting to those changes!

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