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How to Predict the Future using Tea Leaf’s?

How to Predict the Future using Tea Leaf’s?
April 1, 2018 Namastea

The story of tea leaf reading begins with the Chinese of course! They started noticing the leaves were forming some very noticeable images and symbols that could have meaning. Then tea made its way to India and the European royalty. One story says that one afternoon some royal members were having a cup of tea and they notice the tea leaves were forming distinctive symbols. They realized those symbols were exactly reflecting the topics of their discussion. Thus, tea leaf reading was born.

However today tasseography, from its scientific name, is not so much popular anymore. Partially because we tend to use mostly tea bags rather than loose tea. Loose tea drinkers are usually using infusers that do not let the leaves enter the cup.

But for those who would like to try this old tradition, it is actually quite easy to do. Tea leaf reading is quite easy to learn, anybody who has the patience to study the interpretations in the symbols can become quite an expert in a small space of time. There are a couple of steps you should follow:

  1. Make sure to select a wide white cup and made of Chinese porcelaine in order to recognise the symbols.
  2. Check the quality of the tea as this one shouldn’t be dusty.
  3. Drink your until approximately 1 teaspoon of liquid is left in the bottom.
  4. Then hold your cup in your left hand by the saucer and moved three times in a circular motion anti-clockwise. During that time, the mind should be focused and concentrated upon any particular issue.
  5. Look at the pattern made by the tea leaves, you will be able to if you stare into the tea leaves for some time see a number of pictures and symbols.

In order for you to be able to interpret them, you can refer to the A-Z tea leaf dictionary.

We wish you good luck in your reading!



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