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10 Signs That Prove You Are Totally In Love With Tea

10 Signs That Prove You Are Totally In Love With Tea
February 16, 2018 Namastea

A lot of people love tea. Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water. This makes a consumption of almost 3 billions cups every day. But what make you a real tea lover versus an occasional drinker?

If you answer yes to all the below facts, you are definitely a tea lover:

  1. You need a cup of tea as soon as you wake up.
  2. Tea breaks in the office are the highlights of your day.
  3. You love winter season to drink books with a cup of tea.
  4. You keep buying new types of tea without finishing the ones you have at home.
  5. You start listing the benefits of tea as soon as you meet someone who prefers coffee.
  6. When you fall sick, you ditch medicine and prefer a cup of tea.
  7. You dream of inventing the Starbucks for tea.
  8. When you host, you always propose tea to your guests.
  9. You love saying “it’s not my cup of tea”.
  10. Your all time favorite quote…”Tea is always a good idea”.

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