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Valentine Tea Party

Valentine Tea Party
February 8, 2018 Namastea

Valentine is the occasion to celebrate love, but not only romantic love! Singles get together with other unattached friends for a night, while parents and children exchange cards and chocolates. There are many ways to celebrate love during Valentine. And a perfect way to do it is to throw a Valentine Tea Party!

Wether you are celebrating with your friends or organizing it for your kids, you need to follow few basics to make this event successful:

  1. The Tea: you definitely need a flowery blend such as Midnight Rendez-Vous. It combines 3 different types of flowers such as rose petals. This tea also contains kiwi and strawberries to add a sweat touch to the blend. You can serve it hot or as an ice tea in some fancy champagne glasses.
  2. The Food: you have plenty of options for the food such as cupcakes, mini sandwiches or even scones. Here some nice recipes you can try at home.
  3. The Decoration: you need to come up with a specific theme that will be reflected in the decoration. Play it traditional with pink and heart elements, or vintage with an antique silver tea service. There are no rules, as long as you are having fun and put some nice teamwork behind.
  4. The Invitation Cards: you will also need to create special cards to invite your guests. Be creative on that part since it will be your event’s first impression. You can even includes some blank valentine papers for the guests to write one thing they love about the other and exchange them at any time during the party.

Here are only few ideas to celebrate love in a different way, but feel free to be creative and bring your own ideas! And of course don’t forget to have fun and take nice pictures!

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