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Bye Bye Sleepless Nights!

Bye Bye Sleepless Nights!
September 7, 2017 Namastea

The Power of Chamomile

chamomileAmong the best teas for stress is chamomile, best known of the “calming” teas, chamomile (or camomile) tea has a slightly sweet taste and a pale yellow color. It may also be the best tea for anxiety. It promotes relaxation and sleep, so many people drink a cup before bedtime. Rich in antioxidants, it has many of the same anti-inflammatory properties as green tea. It’s also naturally caffeine free.

Because of its mild flavor, chamomile tea can also be brewed with other calming teas such as lavender for a relaxing blend. Because it contributes to better sleep, it can cause drowsiness, though so it’s best taken at bedtime or in the evening.


You can use our lovely infusion “Sweet Dreams” including natural chamomile flowers and honey.

Tea, Meditation and Mindfulness

While the bioactive ingredients in herbal teas work directly on the body to reduce stress and improve sleep, other aspects of drinking tea can also play a part in calming the mind and relaxing the body.

The practices of meditation and mindfulness – relaxed awareness of the moment – can play a key role in reducing stress. By focusing attention on what’s in the now, your mind takes a break from fretting about the past and future, which can reduce stress hormones and ease the symptoms.

That’s why tea rituals have been embraced by peoples around the world. From the English tradition of afternoon tea to Japan’s highly formalized tea ceremonies, the habits and practices associated with brewing and drinking tea can also help tame stresses.

You don’t have to conduct a complicated dance of actions to create a calming tea ritual, but choosing a favorite cup, a comfortable moment such as bedtime, and mindful awareness of preparing and drinking your tea can be relaxing in itself – and boost the calming properties of the tea you’re enjoying. Adding a short meditation session to your tea ritual can also help calm a jittery mind.

Adding stress reducing herbal teas to your daily routine can also support other healthy habits, such as establishing a bedtime routine or eating more nutritious foods – all of which can help improve your ability to cope with stress and reduce its effects.


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