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Hot tea is more refreshing than cold tea

Hot tea is more refreshing than cold tea
July 3, 2017 Namastea

Carrying a warm cup of tea in a cold weather is the typical image we have in mind in winter period. And for most of us, tea is a drink for cold season that can keep us warm when temperatures drop.

However how surprising it is to see that hot tea is widely consumed in very hot regions too like Sahara or Arabian Peninsula as part of the daily routine. So why that?

It’s because hot tea is actually more refreshing for the body than cold tea. The reason behind that is the closer the liquid’s temperature is to body temperature, the less it will provoke a temperature change. And this temperature change is one of the reasons we sweat.

Therefore if you have to face very high temperatures, it’s better for you to keep drinking your tea hot than cold. Cold tea will provide you an instant feeling of freshness in your mouth, but that won’t last long, and you will feel the difference of temperature even more after that.

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